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We are so excited about the Care Portal coming to Tulsa!  This is a great story about what God is doing through this simple tool in Kansas.  Come on Tulsa!  Let’s change our city!  People are worth it! If your

We wanted to share about a “scenario” that happened yesterday in our city. A police officer picks up a youth because of suspicious activity during daylight hours in Tulsa.  As the police officer does the investigation it is found out that

Today marks the official day that DHS plans to start “closing” the Laura Dester children’s shelter.  Although operations will continue most likely for some months ahead, DHS’s plan is to see that no more children are admitted. We are excited

On Thursday, February 26th, 111Tulsa had the opportunity to attend the Child Welfare Services partner meeting in OKC.  Overall we are really excited about the energy and involvement of community organizations in this meeting.  The meeting was designed to begin

One of the most exciting things that can happen in the greater “church” is when we all collaborate voluntarily for a cause. We at 111Tulsa hope that you would consider encouraging your church to participate in this years Orphan Sunday

Looking for a fun way to get involved with foster care or adoption. Come to the first ever Salsa De Mayo event on May 5th at the Maybee Center. Proceeds go to support the Adopt(ed) ministry at For more

What are you compelled to do?  For us at 111Tulsa there is a compelling that is pushing us beyond what is just accepted as a problem that will never change.  A problem that is just at the edge of what