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The mission of the Laura Dester Chldren’s Center is to provide and maintain a safe, temporary placement for children who have been removed from their homes.  The Center serves children ages infant through 17 years old.  The children may have been victims of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, environmental neglect, medical neglect, abandonment, and general deprivation of the basic needs for children to grow and thrive.  The staff of the center works to understand each child’s immediate needs until arrangements are made for their continuing care elsewhere.

At 111Tulsa we realize that many of the children continue to stay at the shelter because there is currently not enough foster families available in our city to provide the best qualified homes for these children.  Although the shelter is a safe place for these children, ultimately we believe that the best place for these children is a safe loving family.  We also believe that the shelter is a great first place for individuals who are interested in being foster parent to get involved.  In order to better serve the faith community, 111Tulsa has partnered with the Laura Dester Shelter to provide an online training for individuals that would be interested in becoming certified volunteers at the shelter.  Once the online paperwork, video, and final processing is completed by the staff at Laura Dester, individuals can serve at the shelter in multiple capacities.  Feel free to contact the 111Tulsa team with any questions regarding how to get further connected or serving at the shelter.


Laura Dester Volunteer Training Video from 111Tulsa on Vimeo.

Volunteer Training Packet

Required Documents to Download, Print, & Sign

2 comments on “Laura Dester Shelter
  1. Thank you SO much for providing this online training. This is a fantastic tool for those interested at our church in volunteering at Laura Dester. And great job, Forrest, on the training video! Much appreciation!!!

  2. Jessica Dyer says:

    Great on-line training! Thanks, Forrest.

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