Give to 111Tulsa




Your Giving Supports in 2016:

  • Catalyze over 100 church-based foster care and adoption events statewide
  • Help recruit 1000 foster families through partner agencies and the Oklahoma Fosters Initiative
  • See over 250 churches engaged in the 111 Project through church events or Care Portal
  • Launch Care Portal in 6 counties
  • See over 25 children kept from entering state care due to services provided by the Care Portal
  • See over 500 requests made by OKDHS case workers met through the Care Portal 

In 2015 Your Giving:
1. Helped us launch 111Tulsa at the start of 2015
2. Facilitated over 300 new foster & adoptive family inquiries
3. Helped launch the Governors Campaign through the Governors Office
4. Created the Oklahoma Fosters Statewide Webcast
5. Hosted for Tulsa with over 1200 attendees
6. Acted as the bridge for Oklahoma Churches, Agencies, Businesses, Non Profits, OKDHS, & Governor Mary Fallin on state initiatives to recruit more foster and adoptive families.

111Tulsa incorporated on January 1, 2015.  We received our official IRS designation in March of 2015 as a 501c3 organization making donations tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

As a part of our partnership with local churches, many have set up designated giving accounts to help fund the city wide mission of 111Tulsa. Check with your local church to see about their involvement as a first step to your giving.

Donations also help fund things like:

Pastor and Key Volunteer lunches

Church Foster Care Parent Support Training

111Tulsa Staff Salaries