It is our desire at 111Tulsa to be a catalyst for not just the recruitment and support of foster parents within churches but also act as a connector within our Tulsa Community.  Below is some downloadable resources that can be used at your church or organization.  Please comment below if there are any links or resources we can add!

An Introduction to Foster Care – Click Here

Foster Family Support Ideas for Your Church – Click Here

Foster Family Support Resources – Click Here

Current State of Foster Care (DHS Feb. 26, 2015) – Click Here


What if I can’t Foster?

Beyond being a foster parent or supporting a foster parent here is some great ways to be involved locally with foster and vulnerable children

1. Volunteer at your local shelter or group home.  At our local shelter there is a volunteer process and kids need tutoring, activities, and resources even though it is funded by the state. For more information see our Laura Dester tab on our website – Click Here

2. CASA – this is a great place to volunteer if you have the time. Through CASA you are a court appointed advocate for children to insure that things are being done in their best interest. – Click here for CASA website

3. Support a Case Worker – in most cases there is a case worker employed by the state or a private agency that is responsible to see that a child is first in a safe place then secondly is being advocated for. This is one of the hardest jobs on the planet so anything we can do as a community to see that these case workers are successful is so important. Sometimes it is a huge blessing just for these individuals to know that you care but I am sure they would love lunch, coffee, a card or even access to your church to be able to advocate for needs that some of their families or children might have.

4. Help a Child Transition into Adulthood – another very important area for volunteering is helping children transition into adulthood.  In Tulsa, one of our favorite ministries is Stand in the Gap and what they are doing with Life Launch.  It is a great ministry and worth your time! – Click here for Life Launch Website

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